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Ashton BSK158
Product Code Product Description Price
Ashton BSK158 15 watt dual input. rechargeable batt. $279.00 Add To Cart
A beast of a busker’s amp, this portable powerhouse pumps out 15W of sound and will play anywhere you want to take it. It features an internal r...More
Roland Street Cube
Product Code Product Description Price
Roland Street Cube RRP $579 SAVE $130 !! dual channel. built in FX & tuner $479.00 Add To Cart
If you're a musician who's on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you're running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or a...More
Behringer MPA100BT
Product Code Product Description Price
MPA100BT All-in-One Portable 100-Watt PA System with Bluetooth Connectivity, Battery Operation and Transport Handle $499.00 Add To Cart
Behringer Europort MPA 100BT 100W Speaker with Microphone The Behringer Europort MPA100BT serves up premium sound anywhere you need it. This all-in-o...More
Roland AC33
Product Code Product Description Price
Roland AC33 amp bat powered with chorus and looper. $549.00 Add To Cart
AC-33: Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier Super Portable, Versatile, Battery-Powered Stereo Acoustic Guitar Amp Rich, deep, stereo sound to go R...More
Roland Cube Street EX
Product Code Product Description Price
Roland Cube Street EX RRP $949 SAVE $200 !! 50 watts.4 channels, 20 hours bat life $749.00 Add To Cart
With its compact size and battery-powered operation, Roland’s CUBE Street was a huge hit among traveling musicians. Now, the new CUBE Street EX ...More