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Laney Acoustic Amps

Product Code Product Description Price
LA30D 30 watt acoustic guitar amp Out of Stock
At 7.4kg (16.3lbs), the LA30D is compact yet packed for performance. 30 watts real RMS linear output power is allied with pair of 6.5 drivers. These c...More
Laney A-Fresco
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Laney A-Fresco compact 30 watt mains or battery acoustic amp. Out of Stock
The Laney A-FRESCO is an ultra-compact acoustic instrument combo designed for use with both mains or battery power options, with a range of acoustic-...More
Product Code Product Description Price
LA65D 65 watt. twin speaker.twin channel acoustic amp Out of Stock
The LA65D is the flagship model of the new dedicated acoustic combo's. Designed to give the acoustic guitar player a pure acoustic guitar tone, s...More
A1 Plus
Product Code Product Description Price
A1 Plus 80 watt laney acoustic amp with DSP $599.00 Add To Cart
A series - A1+ Pure acoustic performance The A1+ is designed to give the discerning acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance to match the t...More