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Electro Harmonix Pedals

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USA Big Muff Pi
Product Code Product Description Price
USA Big Muff usa made classic distortion $179.00 Add To Cart
The pedal that started it all The distortion countless musicians such as Hendrix and Santana relied on for its rich, creamy, violin-like sustain. A ti...More
Soul Food
Product Code Product Description Price
Soul Food distortion/fuzz/overdrive $179.00 Add To Cart
Tone aficionados kept telling EHX’s Mike Matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant ...More
Lester G
Product Code Product Description Price
Lester G rotary speaker effect $539.00 Add To Cart
The ultimate rotary speaker emulator packed with goodies like a specially designed compression circuit to supercharge the rotating speaker effect on g...More
Cock Fight
Product Code Product Description Price
Cock Fight Cocked talking wah with Fuzz $269.00 Add To Cart
Guitar gods have used the cocked wah sound to create monster riffs that have earned a permanent place in the rock lexicon. That required finding the s...More
Small Stone Nano
Product Code Product Description Price
Small Stone Nano analogue phase shifter $159.00 Add To Cart
Small Stone (Nano Chassis) Analog Phase Shifter Get the sound that made the Classic 1970 Small Stone famous. Generates thick sweeping phase shifting ...More
Micro Pog
Product Code Product Description Price
Micro Pog octave generator $499.00 Add To Cart
The Legenday and classic original POG won top awards from every major magazine on every continent for its flawless polyphonic tracking and musical fle...More