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Guitar Repairs and Service



Full Restring - 4, 6 and 12 string$45.00 + Strings
Floyd Rose Restring 6-7 strings$75.00 + Strings
Install Strap Buttons $30.00 + buttons
Electrical Inspection Fee - Passive Circuit$35.00
Electrical Inspection Fee - Active Circuit (when Battery Used)$65.00
Acoustic/Electric/Bass - Setup/ServiceFrom $120.00 + Strings
Floyd Rose Guitar Setup$185.00 + Strings
Fretdress$220.00 + Strings (includes setup)
Partial Refret from $195.00 (includes setup)
Full RefretFrom $550.00 + Strings
Stainless Steel frets add $150.00
Repair Broken Neckfrom $150.00 TBA on inspection
Replace Tuning HeadsTBA
Replace Bridge - You need to add setup to the price.TBA
Replace Nut$80.00 (a set up may be needed also)
Fit Pickup$50.00
Fit Pickup & Rerouting$95.00
Replace Switch$35.00
Replace PotsFrom $35.00
Rewire ElectricsFrom $65.00
Replace Output JackFrom $35.00
Replace Machine & Bridge TBA on Inspection
Note. All repairs are collected on Friday, with a minimum 2 week turnaround from day of collection.