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Boss FV30H Volume Pedal (High-Impedance)

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Compact Volume Pedal. Aluminium casing
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Boss FV30H Volume Pedal (High-Impedance)

Enjoy excellent volume control and convenient design with this Boss FV30H volume pedal, which outputs a high-impedance signal for easy mixing in the studio and a powerful sound when connected to an amp during live performances. The smooth pivoting action makes fine control easy, and the die-cast aluminum construction offers excellent durability while remaining light enough for frequent travel. Slight contouring on the top provides a bit of grip to help prevent slipping. The FV30H pedal comes in a compact design, making it an ideal option for traveling musicians, and the tuner out jack makes connecting your instrument to other devices simple.

  • Rugged aluminum die-cast body construction
  • Silky feel with smooth pivot for maximum control
  • Tuner out jack (FV-30H)
  • FV-30H for direct connection to high-impedance gear like electric guitars
  • Compact design to save space while traveling
  • Contouring on top prevents slipping