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Dimarzio DP130 acoustic pickup

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Stick on Transducer type pickup
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Dimarzio DP130 acoustic pickup

DiMarzio are known the world over for its industry leading direct replacement guitar pickups. Embraced and endorsed by Legendary Artists across the globe, including; Steve Van, Joe Satriani, Zach Wilde and many, many more. With and endless array of Pick-up choices for every style, we’re lucky enough at Macron Music to have access to the full range, from face-melting high gain inputs to shimmering, subtle boxes. You Couldn’t ask for more choice when picking a pick-up!

The Dimarzio Acoustic Model DP130 Stick on Pick up lets you take your acoustic instrument and plug it in to an amplifier and jam away! Suitable for both Steel String Acoustic and Nylon String guitars, you can also use the Dimarzio Acoustic Model DP130 Stick on Pick up on Violins, Cajons, Ukulele's, Mandolins and more! The Acoustic Model is a piezo-electric transducer that can be mounted in any location on the guitar’s top. A non-hardening putty is used to mount the pickup, allowing simple installation and removal. Every acoustic guitar has its own balance of highs, mids and lows, and it’s easy to experiment with the position of the Acoustic Model™ to determine the spot that achieves the best tone for your taste. It can also be semi-permanently mounted on the inside face of the guitar and connected to an acoustic endpin jack, so it’s practically invisible. The Acoustic Model™ works on all steel, bronze, and nylon string instruments