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Jim Dunlop Nylon Grey 1.0mm 12 Pack - Copy

Jim Dunlop PVP118 Shred Variety Pack

Product Details:
Shred 12 pack of assorted picks
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Product Description
Jim Dunlop PVP118 Shred Variety Pack

The Dunlop PVP118 Shred Pick Variety Pack features a carefully curated selection of picks that are designed to let you show your advanced technique. With a wide range of shapes, materials, and grips, this pack allows you to experiment with the different styles each pick takes to enhancing the precision, clarity, and speed of your attack so that you can find the one that best fits your playing style.

Dunlop PVP118 Shred Variety Pick Pack Contains:

Ultex Sharp 2.0mm
Tortex Sharp 1.5mm
Tortex Flow .88mm
Tortex Flow 1.0mm
Delrin Prime Grip 1.5mm
Delrin Prime Grip 2.0mm
Flow Standard 1.5mm
Flow Standard 2.0mm
Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber
Max-Grip Jazz III Black
Jazz III Ultex
Jazz III XL Stiffo