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Samson Mix Pad MXP144

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14 input stereo mixer
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Samson Mix Pad MXP144

Value-packed Mixer from Samson

The Samson MixPad MXP144 12-channel mixer promises big value to anyone that needs a portable, easy to use mixing solution. The MixPad MXP144 gives you 12 channels total, with six high-quality mic preamps in addition to mono and stereo line inputs. Onboard phantom power lets you use your condenser mics, so it's ready for both stage and studio. Even better, you've got compressors on the first four channels, and a 3-band EQ on every channel. When you need a capable small-format mixer that won't break your bank account, Sweetwater can recommend the Samson MixPad MXP144.

Samson MixPad MXP144 12-ch Mixer at a Glance:
Great sound for stage and studio
Add external effects with the FX Send
Smart connectivity for a variety of applications

Great sound for stage and studio

The Samson MixPad MXP144 gives you the connectivity you need for most small-format mixing applications. Six mic preamps are ready for your microphones, with phantom power and a highpass filter for each input. And the first four channels have an easy one-knob compressor, perfect for vocals, bass, or drums. A total of four stereo line inputs and four mono line inputs makes the MixPad MXP144 a solid solution as a mixer for your keyboards or synthesizers.

Add external effects with the FX Send

You can integrate external processors with the MixPad MXP144 using its stereo send and return. The effects return can even be sent to the monitor outputs, allowing you to polish your sound for a better monitoring experience.

Smart connectivity for a variety of applications

The MixPad MXP144 makes it easy to connect an external recorder or monitoring system. In addition to the main mix outputs, you can create a monitor mix with its own set of stereo line outputs. The Tape input can be routed to the main mix, effectively adding another two inputs to this mixer (without a fader or EQ).

Samson MixPad MXP144 12-ch Mixer Features:
12-channel mixer with six microphone preamplifiers
Control your dynamics with easy one-knob compressors on the first four channels
Sweeten your sound with 3-band EQ per channel
Onboard phantom power for your condenser microphones
Headphone output for easy monitoring