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Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion

Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion

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Effects Pedal
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Product Description
Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion

Way Huge Electronics Conquistador Fuzzstortion

We all know that reading a product description falls far short of listening to the pedal in an actual video. However, we can help you. Get two strips of Velcro, attach them to one another, then rip them apart as quickly as possible. Now, imagine a guitar was making that sound. You’re almost there.

The Conquistador is the nastiest, meanest pedal Jeorge Tripps has developed yet. It’s a fuzz, it’s a distortion, it’s a fuzztortion. It’s the good kind, though—the kind that starts as a nice, chunky distortion and turns evil when cranked. Three simple controls are all you get, and you can dial in quite a bevy of gnawing distortion between the three.

When the Fuzz knob is at its peak, no amp, no concertgoer, no band member is safe. Your tubes will cry out in unison with your speaker cabinet, walls will crumble and worlds will be moved. Jeorge Tripps has turned the gain up to 10 and you’re just along for the ride.

Way Huge Electronics Conquistador Fuzzstortion Features:

Blistering fuzz tones when maxed, crunchy distortion when rolled back
Top mounted jacks for space saving
Made is USA
Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)